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Main Goal is to Get Blogging the Respect and Recognition

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Project #1 – Brother Crush

Brother Crush

Step families secret lives taken on the whole new level. This fantasy series features sexual relations built between two step brother living together. They might have separate things to deal with, but the surely developed a taboo kind of crush between each other.

Official website:

Project #7 – Dancing Bear

Dancing Bear Parties

Dancing bear parties are the ones that no girl wanted to miss out on. Why? Because it was the ultimate fun, both in socializing aspects as well as… getting laid aspects. Watch crazy, tipsy girls getting it on with male strippers during one of those gatherings!

Official website:

Project #2 – BBCPie


BBCPie features the very bets of interracial creampies in stunning 4K quality. It’s not the first production of the studio so you can be sure that quality is exactly same as quantity – the best in the industry! See what really happens when hung black guys are set up with smoking hot white girls.

Official website:

Project #8 – Haze Her

Haze Her

Hazing rituals are something you need to see yourself. Watch those clueless girls taking up on the offer of joining the cool chicks crew. All they have to do is pretty… simple. In a way!

Official website:

Project #3 – BrattyMILF

Bratty MILFs are here to show you how to have fun when you are certain age and have certain goals in life. Watch them seduce and lure young guys into ambiguous situations leading to nothing else but getting laid. You heard it first here and now you can enjoy all the episodes at the official tube website.

Official website:

Project #9 – Lez Be Bad

Lez Be Bad

Adult Time and their newest idea for the lesbian fun. Watch misbehaving girls getting a lesson. All the kinkiest tools and toys used to bring the satisfaction.

Official website:

Project #4 – HotAndMean


Beautiful women in Brazzers-style girl on girl content. Watch these girls engage in some hard love-making scenarios as they meet quite needy partners in crime. Hot and Mean is all about this hard way of giving pleasure that we all love.

Official website:

Project #10 – Bait Bus

Bait Bus - BaitBus

Having enough of creativity is the only key to getting laid with bunch of straight guys who are willing to turn into the wild gay side. Even if it’s momentary. This is world’s famous Bait Bus!

Official website:

Project #5 – PublicAgent


What could be better than hunting down the most beautiful street girls on European streets. All it takes is some good smooth talking skills and… money, obviously. They are always eager to do some crazy stuff!

Official website:

Project #6 – Reality Junkies

Reality Junkies

Enjoy the alternative reality in this Mile High Media exclusive, where daily routine always end up the very same, naughty way. Enjoy all those little daily-life situations you have with some interesting kinky twist.

Official website:


Internet Blog Serial Number is a team of individuals that are working in various fields and have a diverse background but share one passion – Blogging.

Our main goal is to get blogging the respect and recognition that it has been lacking.
There are millions of blogs that get updated online, and each of them is the work done by some hard-working blogger who wants to share his passion and work with the world. The books, magazines and even papers get recognition by various government authorities all over the world but not the blogs.

IBSNOur mission is to convince the authorities

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