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The IBSN (Internet Blog Serial Number) is created on February 2, 2006 in answer to a denial from current administration to assign ISSN numbers to Internet blogs.

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Why do I need an IBSN?

An IBSN lets you identify a blog whatever medium it may be published on.

Contrary to traditional publications, whose content does not change once it is published, a blog grows and evolves through time. In order not to lose that identity, we need a registry different from the traditional ones.

September 2008: Over 35.000.000 barcodes served!
September 2007: Over 6.000.000 barcodes served!
New domain: since March 3, 2007, IBSN.ORG is the new official domain.
Due to the impossibility of recovering the previous IBSN database, we set a deadline of November 30, 2006 (deadline postponed) to reclaim IBSN codes assigned between April and September 2006. After this date, any code not reclaimed may be assigned again. Read more
Beginning on November 1, 2006, this becomes the official IBSN registration and tracking website.